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Our Choice: Fourier E40 Patient Monitors with HorizonView CMS


01 November 2023

6 min Read

Dr Abhijit Khot, Owner- Chaitanya Multispecialty Hospital

Transforming Critical Care:Remote Monitoring Solutions at Chaitanya Multi-specialty ICU

In the rapidly evolving realm of healthcare, continuous innovation is paramount to safeguarding patients' well-being and optimising the efficiency of healthcare providers. Among the groundbreaking advancements, the implementation of Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS) in Indian Intensive Care Units (ICUs) stands out as a transformative solution. This technology empowers hospitals and their staff to remotely track patients' vitals and waveforms through mobile phones or laptops, leading to outcomes that are truly remarkable.

Hospital's Vision: Advanced Critical Care Products

In our commitment to better patient outcomes at Chaitanya Multispecialty Hospital, we've always sought to harness innovative technologies that align with our mission to provide exceptional critical care. It was in this spirit that we integrated the Fourier E40 Patient Monitors, equipped with Noccarc's HorizonView RMS, into our ICUs. The difference it has made to our patient monitoring is nothing short of transformative.

Our Choice: Fourier E40 Patient Monitors with HorizonView CMS

As a healthcare provider, my team and I are dedicated to delivering the highest standard of care to those we serve. Our partnership with Noccarc, introducing their Fourier E40 Patient Monitors and HorizonView RMS into our ecosystem, was a strategic move towards elevating patient outcomes, setting a higher standard in critical care delivery.

Set-up in ICU

The installation of the device & the HorizonView suite was seamless, requiring no extensive changes to our existing infrastructure — a factor that significantly eased the transition for us. Our staff quickly adapted to the new system, thanks to the simple, user friendly interface, and a comprehensive training that covered the capabilities of the system.

Transforming Critical Care:Remote Monitoring Solutions at Chaitanya Multi-specialty ICU

The ICU configuration encompasses the following components:

  • Bedside Equipment: Each ICU bed is equipped with Fourier E40 Patient Monitors, monitoring vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and more. These devices offer real-time data, giving healthcare professionals instant insights into a patient's condition.

  • Internet Connection: A stable and secure internet connection was a vital element of the remote monitoring arrangement.The system required a WiFi internet connection to securely transmit patient data securely to the cloud, ensuring that healthcare professionals had timely access to critical information.

  • Staff Training: Ensuring that the medical staff were proficient in using the new system was a pivotal aspect of the transition. A training program was implemented to acquaint healthcare providers with the basic version of the CMS and its alerting system effectively.

The cornerstone of this shift was the HorizonView CMS, a user-friendly software suite, developed by Noccarc. This reliable, real-time platform, accessible from various devices, facilitated continuous monitoring and seamless communication. The ICU now runs more efficiently with bedside monitors relaying vital patient information in real-time. This upgrade to our capabilities has been instrumental in improving the
quality of care we provide.


Transforming Critical Care:Remote Monitoring Solutions at Chaitanya Multi-specialty ICU
  • Remote Monitoring: HorizonView introduced centralized monitoring by collecting real-time patient data from Fourier E40 Patient Monitors. This allowed the medical team to oversee all patients simultaneously, ensuring that no critical change went unnoticed.

  • Timely Intervention: The immediacy with which we receive data means we can intervene without delay, which is often critical in the ICU setting. Early interventions became standard practice, leading to fewer complications and enhanced patient safety.

  • Around-the-Clock Monitoring: Continuous care is now more robust than ever; our team is alerted to any changes in a patient's status, day or night, ensuring a secure environment for recovery.

  • Efficient Resource Management: With the CMS streamlining patient data, we've been able to optimize our workload, making sure attention is given where it's needed most.

Final Notes

In a nutshell, the adoption of the Fourier E40 with HorizonView CMS by Noccarc revolutionised patient care at the CMSH hospital. This user-friendly, reliable, and real-time solution significantly enhanced patient safety, timely interventions, resource utilisation, and, most importantly, patient outcomes. It serves as a testament to the potential of technology, when harnessed effectively, can be a beacon of hope for the future of healthcare in India and beyond.

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