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Matching our offerings with your needs. Reach us today. We shall revert back at the earliest.

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Frequently Asked Question - V310+

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Who do I contact if I have technical or clinical questions about my Noccarc ventilator? Call us on 1800-102-2380 or Write to us on .

Do I need to use external UPS for Noccarc V310+? It is recommended to use UPS if frequent major voltage fluctuations are experienced at the site.

What is the Active exhalation Valve? Active exhalation valve is the valve connected at expiratory port to maintain patient's PEEP.

How much time is required to install Noccarc Ventilator? It generally takes only 30 mins to install and calibrate Noccarc ventilator.

Can I use Noccarc ventilator in MRI? No, Noccarc Ventilator cannot be used in MRI setup.

Can I get User manual for Noccarc Ventilator? Yes, user manual is provided with the ventilator unit during installation.

Can I use Noccarc ventilator for transport? Noccarc ventilator can be used for Intra-Hospital transport only.

Where can I find quick instruction guide for Noccarc ventilator? Quick Instruction guide is provided with Noccarc ventilator and it is recommended to be kept hanging to Ventilator Stand.

What is the battery back up for Noccarc Ventilator? Battery Backup- 8 hours

Which filters do I need to use for Noccarc ventilator? HME, HEPA & BV filters can be used for Noccarc ventilator.

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