NOCCARC V310: High-End Low-Cost Ventilators developed by Noccarc: India’s fastest growing hardware startup
Meet The Indian Start-up That Developed High-End, Low-Cost Ventilators Within 90 Days

The Noccarc team developed high-end, low-cost ventilators within 90 days and supplied over 300 of them during the first wave of the ...

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Infrastructure development is key to managing Covid-19 in India
How infrastructure development is key to managing Covid-19 in India

A strong, efficient, and organized healthcare system has always been paramount to every country’s economic wellbeing – a linchpin of sorts ...

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Limca Book of Records | Innovations during Pandemic
Limca launches special edition of Limca Book of Records

Limca has launched a special edition of Limca Book of Records (LBR) as the brand marks the 50-year milestone in India. The new edition pays tribute to ...

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Made in India and for the World Ventilator | Innovation during Pandemic
Covid-19 ventilators, made in—and for—India

With Covid-19 still an unknown element across the world, and experts uncertain of ways to tackle it, ventilators emerged as an immediate way of treating critical patients ...

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Pune-based startup Noccarc is now Hiring | Jobs in Pune | Jobs in Engineering
Noccarc plans to increase team size by approximately 55 per cent in next quarter

Pune-based tech startup Noccarc has announced its plans of expanding its team size by approximately ...

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Noccarc: National Technology Award Winner
Two Pune health start-ups bag national technology awards

The two start-ups from the city were among the 10 winners chosen under the Technology StartUp, which recognises emerging technologies ...

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Noccarc: Opportunity in Med-Tech
Startup mantra: Noccarc turns Covid crisis into opportunity in med-tech

PUNE Noccarc is not claiming it helped alleviate the ventilator crisis in Pune and Maharashtra. At least, not yet ...

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Noccarc: Best After-Sales Service Support
Service Is Key For Success To Ensure Seamless After-Sales Service Support: Harshit Rathore

In an interview with BW Disrupt, Harshit Rathore, Co-founder of Nocca Robotics, talks about company, funding, and challenges ...

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Noccarc: Solar Panels To Making Ventilators
Startup pivot: From robots for solar panels to making ventilators

The Covid-19 outbreak has brought untold miseries to many businesses, but the healthtech landscape has grown through it, devising ingenious mechanisms ...

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Noccarc: AtmaNirbhar game in Indian Med Tech Industry
A look at few Indian startups acing AtmaNirbhar game in Indian Med Tech Industry

At the time of coronavirus pandemic, where there is an urgent need for innovation in the medical industry, Prime Minister Narendra Modi encouraged the Indian startups to ...

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Noccarc: Press Release issued by IAN
Pune-based robotics start-up receives Rs 12.4 crore in funds

Noccarc Robotics, a Pune-based startup, has raised investment worth Rs 12.4 crore from the Indian Angel Network (IAN). A press release issued by IAN on Wednesday said the startup will use this investment for ...

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Noccarc: Oxygen Therapy Devices
Noccarc Robotics plans to deploy 400 oxygen therapy devices for COVID-19 treatment by Sep 15

IIT-Kanpur incubated startup Nocca Robotics expects to deploy around 400 high flow oxygen therapy devices for treatment of COVID-19 patients by next month in India ...

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Noccarc: Breathing
            New Life into Healthcare
Breathing new life into healthcare: How a company producing solar panels started manufacturing ventilators

A company that was producing solar panel cleaning robots until three months ago has started manufacturing ventilators ...

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Noccarc: Deployed 3000 V310 ventilators
Noccarc deploys over 2500 ventilators during the second wave of COVID-19

Pune-based startup Noccarc deployed over 3000 of its flagship V310 ventilators in over 500 hospitals across the country, in addition ..

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Noccarc: Product Portfolio in MedTech
Noccarc aims to increase product portfolio in MedTech

Pune-based tech startup Noccarc, which aims to build a large product portfolio in MedTech, has announced its plans of expanding its team size by approximately 55 per cent in the coming quarter. Noccarc currently has a 130+ ...

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Noccarc: Low Cost
Pune Start-Up Developing Low-Cost Ventilators To Save COVID-19 Patients | ABP News
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Noccarc: Innovative Solutions
              To Ventilators & Other Respiratory Devices
Experts Discuss On Innovative Solutions To Ventilators & Other Respiratory Devices | Startup
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Noccarc: Portable Ventilators
Watch: Pune startup developing low-cost, portable ventilators amid pandemic
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